The story behind that picture

Since 2012 I am documenting life and street art in Shoreditch. For me Shoreditch is one of the most exciting areas of London with lots of contrasts.

Urban rough environment always inspires me and so it was, that one day my walk guided me to Princelet Street. Me and my friend walked down the road and I was intrigued by the beautiful architecture of the houses of this street. There was one building which immediately took my full attention. A building full of textures and beautiful color. That day we were in such hurry that I wasn't able to take a picture of that house. 

A couple of days later I came back and some cars parked in front of the building. Again, I wasn't able to take a picture of it. The next time a guy was sitting in the entrance, which made a nice street shot. He told me that this building was currently rented for a TV production and he recommended to come back a few days later. 

So I did! That day, again, I wasn't able to take a nice shot of the house, but I was able to take one of my favorite images of last year. This picture almost look like everything was set up - but it wasn't. It was one of those moments which needed to be freezed with my camera.

            A moment of peace |  Tales on Shoreditch  2014

            A moment of peace |  Tales on Shoreditch  2014

Beeing happy with the shot I took I came back to Princelet Street a couple of days later, and after all this time I was able to take a picture just of the house. Sometimes it takes a few time to get what you want and sometimes you'll get surprised by the beauty of the unexpected.

Tales on Shoreditch Blog

I am pleased to announce my new Blog "TALES ON SHOREDITCH".

Since 2012 I am documenting life and street art in Shoreditch / East London. After 3 years of shooting in the streets of Shoreditch I decided to share my images on an extra Blog. My goal is to exhibit and publish a book of Tales on Shoreditch. First contacts to publishers and galleries are made. So keep your fingers crossed :).

Everybody Street

All street photographers out there - don't miss to watch the documentary "Everybody street". This film is an amazingly insightful documentary into the world of street photography and much more than just a documentary about street photography. This film is more about seeing life and concentrate to make emotional story-telling pictures.

The documentary features the work of Joel Meyerowitz, Bruce Davidson, Elliot Erwitt, Jill Freedmann, Bruce Gilden, Rebecca Lepkoff, Mary Ellen Mark, Jeff Mermelstein, Clayton Patterson, Ricky Powell, Jamel Shabazz, Martha Cooper and Boogie.

This film is absolutely worth to buy it! Thanks to Cheryl Dunn for bringing this amazing piece of art to us!

The Invisible | ...they had dreams too.

Dreaming of a better life, Bangkok 2012

Dreaming of a better life, Bangkok 2012

The idea for my project "The Invisible" came up 2 years ago. During that time I was traveling a lot and have been on the road for more than 7 months. Wherever I was, Asia, USA or Europe. I noticed an immense increase of homeless people. 

A mother of three who slept at a bus station with her small children in Bangkok, a men in Paris who made his home in a telephone Box just to have a little space for his own and to escape the cold temperature of winter. In San Francisco I was shocked about the numbers of homeless people, many of them in a really bad constitution. 

2005 the United Nations put the number of homeless people at 100 million. I am sure 9 years later the number is much higher.

We never should forget that these people used to have dreams… they grew up, had visions about their future… dreams about a good and satisfied life - till something happened and they ended up in the streets… homeless, no income and just with their bits and pieces…

Nobody was there to prevent them… Nobody seemed to be their to help them… I asked myself where were their families and friends? Where was the help they needed to get back on track? 

Nobody should end up like this… Homeless people are becoming the invisibles of our time. 
People are walking by without looking at their misery. In San Francisco there were a few people who were screaming loud to get attention, just to get heard but people looked away. I am sure, not because they didn't  care - but they didn't  know what to do or how to behave. 

Market Street, San Francisco 2012

Market Street, San Francisco 2012

We shouldn't look away, we should open our eyes and do something. We can’t avoid poverty in the world, but we can be human and care… Everyone can help - if it’s with a little something, a conversation or just a smile … 

….don’t look away, always think they had dreams too!


Michael Taylor AKA TeaPot from Shoreditch

Michael AKA TeaPot in front of Brick Lane Coffee

Michael AKA TeaPot in front of Brick Lane Coffee

Sometimes life surprises you by meeting very special people. That happened to me with Michael Taylor better known as TeaPot. Michael and I became friends while I was working on my documentary photo project of Shoreditch.

This charming guy is full of stories of his life. He was born in 1945, worked  as a demolition man and enjoyed life in all stages. He must have been a real heartbreaker - and I think he still is. This man is packed with happiness, even so life can hit you hard from time to time.

Last year he got sick and it must haven been tough couple of months. Now he is getting better and better which makes me very happy to see!

I was so glad to help him out a bit this time. Last year I mentioned to him, that he would be the perfect model for commercials. He liked the idea and so I called my model friend Sam who gave me a contact of a model agency. When I got back to Munich I edited some pictures of him and send  a portfolio of different shots to the agency. They replied immediately and invited him for a meeting! Me and my friends from Brick Lane are so thrilled that it worked out! feels so good to help! Michael is not having lots of money and this could be a jump into a second career and to polish up a bit his income. I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything is working out with the agency. I am sure they can't resist his charisma and personality. 

Whenever you are around Brick Lane. Have a look around, he likes to sit in front of Brick Lane Coffee. Talk to him and asked him for pictures. Pay him a few pounds - you will get awesome pictures of him and a few stories extra! He is very special and I am so happy to know him...

Selfie of Michael and me

Selfie of Michael and me