Los Angeles

Winner Architecture Competition - August

I am very happy to announce that one of my pictures has won the Architectures Competition in August. The Curator said:

"I love the curves and angles defined by precise black lines--a fine job of creating an abstract design from part of a larger subject. 
Cloudy days are often unflattering to buildings, but this building's metal skin reflects the pale sky to produce a soft, delicate appearance. 
It would be quite a different building in direct sunlight." 

Broadway / Downtown L.A.

Whenever I am in L.A, I like to take pictures Downtown. The Broadway is one of the oldest streets in L.A and was the main commercial street of Los Angeles, and one of its premier theater districts as well. 

If you are walking todays Broadway, you can just  imagine how beautiful this part of L.A. has been. Right now it feels pretty fucked up - but there is still the beauty of the old buildings architecture and a very special spirit . For me this part of L.A. was always very inspiring. 

I have just found out that there is a initiate Bringing back Broadway. I would like to see this part of L.A. back in glance.