New Work

The lake #1 , 2019

The lake #1 , 2019

Traveling all over the world, and capturing architecture and documenting life in urban spaces, used to be my life for the past years.

As an artist, and human being, I felt something has to change - I needed a little break from my usual focus to get inspired for new work and ideas.

The best way getting out of your daily routine and life is to change places where u don't have the feeling to get distracted. Since 4 weeks now I am staying in a small Bavarian town, surrounded by nature and waking up everyday with an incredible view on the lake Chiemsee.

Actually, this is not my place to get inspired for taking picture. I thought I might miss the big cities and the vibrant life. But it is not like that. I feel much more like a gift is giving to my life, cause I have started to look at nature in a total different way.

Waking up every morning with an incredible sunrise and seeing the nature in different seasons like sun, rain, fog started to inspire me a lot. It is incredible when u observe the nature and how fast a scenery can change by light and weather. It’s just amazing.

Within time I felt that I need to develop a new way of seeing and filling the frame of my camera.

I started to go with the flow and experimented a lot with my vision. Finally I developed 2 new projects. Both projects involve nature, but in a total different way of my usual visual style. It feels like I am starting a new photographic journey and this feels good. Sometimes, the desire to change is the engine of creation… So stay tuned for my upcoming work!