The aesthetics of architecture

Kiasma Museum, Helsinki | Architect  Steven Holl

Kiasma Museum, Helsinki | Architect Steven Holl

For me architecture is not just a space where people work or live… It’s more than that - form, texture and light can create an aesthetic to a space, that let you experience architecture in kind of poetic way.

Reading forms and trying to understand the idea and intention behind architectural design is one of my interests. Sometimes it’s about distilling the essence of a place into a photograph. It’s a way I see and experience architecture.

The Aesthetics of Museum Spaces


I love to go to museums - not just to get inspired by the beautiful artwork. Besides the art, I like to wander around and get enchanted by the architecture of museum spaces. 

Museum spaces are special. Architects create spaces by designing the perfect proportion of the space itself, light sources and textures. Sometimes we forget that the space in itself is also a kind of an artwork. Different shades of grey, the perfect geometry of a space and light can give you kind of a zen experience... 

All images has been shot in the Pinaktothek der Moderne in Munich.