Mick Taylor, farewell my friend...

Mick Taylor AKA Teapot (1945 - 2017)

Mick Taylor AKA Teapot (1945 - 2017)

Today I received the sad news that my friend Mick Taylor has passed away at the end of September. Mick was one of the great characters of Shoreditch. 

I met him 5 years ago when I started my documentary project "Tales on Shoreditch".  I do remember the first time when I met Micky. He was sitting with a few mates in front of Brick Lane Coffee. He was always dressed smartly and happy when somebody took a few shots of him. After this time we met regularly for a cup of tea or a bite to eat, talking about his life and became friends. 


He was a war child, grew up in East End and been married a couple of times. He lived his life, had never much money but he always dressed smartly. He once said: "I already knew what I wanted at seven years old – I am born with it, my style.” 

His nickname was TEAPOT. As much he liked drinking tea he also liked to smoke a bit of pot. We always had a good laugh when we met and while I was taking portraits of him. We sat on the street watching the shots I took of him and he once said:  "Uhh, yes that is me..." While watching the shots he was laughing loud, being happy and lost in his memories of his life. It was one of the biggest compliment I could get. I nailed the shot - showing him like he was...

August, 2017

August, 2017

Around 2 years ago he started to get some health issues. I was worried, but he always stayed positive. It was very hard to get in touch with him. He had a cell phone but never used it. This year in August, we met the last time. He just came out of the hospital. He had cancer... It was heartbreaking, cause we both knew this might be the last time seeing each other. There was nothing I could for him, just to support him with a bit of money for food. We both took a long hug, looking into his blue eyes and said goodbye...

So farewell my friend... I am sure you will have a blast wherever you are now. It was such a pleasure to meet you. I'll miss you but you will always stay in my heart ...

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Finding Beauty in the Everyday

I have always been attracted to urban spaces with many contrast. Shoreditch is one of the best places where you can find awesome street art, a vibrant street life and industrial chic. 

As a street photographer I don't tend to capture just street life - I also try to find the beauty in the everyday.  Shoreditch is packed with what I call industrial chic. Nearly around every corner something interesting is hiding. It just needed to be seen and visualize how the images could look like. 

I usually don't like to edit to much - but for the industrial images I like to have a contrasty nasty black & white look, which underlines the roughness. 

Lenny Kravitz "Flash" Opening @ Leica Leitz Park

I was very delighted when I got the invitation from Leica for the Lenny Kravitz Opening of the “Flash” Exhibition. 

The event was a blast and we had so much fun seeing the exhibition and mingling around with the crowd. 

Highlight of the evening was that Lenny Kravitz signed my Leica M8.2. It was a very spontaneous idea. When I asked he just answered “Really?” - I am very happy about that special gift and got some real nice shots, which I want to share with you.