The aesthetics of architecture

Kiasma Museum, Helsinki | Architect  Steven Holl

Kiasma Museum, Helsinki | Architect Steven Holl

For me architecture is not just a space where people work or live… It’s more than that - form, texture and light can create an aesthetic to a space, that let you experience architecture in kind of poetic way.

Reading forms and trying to understand the idea and intention behind architectural design is one of my interests. Sometimes it’s about distilling the essence of a place into a photograph. It’s a way I see and experience architecture.



Thanks a lot to Women of Leica for featuring my work. Women of Leica is a project founded from the Leica Store Miami, dedicated to bringing visibility to leading women in the photography industry in the Leica world

This summer the Leica Store Miami is introducing the first ever Women of Leica Exhibition and Festival Weekend. The Line up will include:

  • Maggie Steber | All Women Workshops

  • All Women Photography Exhibition

  • Multiple Leica Lounge Features

  • Paneled Discussions

  • Photo Slam

More details will be announced soon on the Website and Instagram.