Camera with character - One Hour with the Leica M262

Leica M262. 35 mm Summicron, ISO 200

Last week the Leica Team from Munich was so kind to give me the new Leica M262 with a 35mm Summicron to test. Some of my friends asked me for my opinion about the latest M, that is why I want to share my thoughts about it.

I was curious if the Imagequality of M262 is different to the M240. Shooting with a Rangefinder is such an experience. I love the worklflow and I dont feel the need to use the liveview or video with a rangefinder, that is why I was happy to see that Leica put out a „cheaper version“ of the Leica M.

Leica M262. 35 mm Summicron, ISO 200

Shooting with the Leica M262 is not different to any other M. Everything feels right. I had the M262 for an hour. I took some random shots in the streets of Munich - to test the ISO and compare it to my files of my Leica Q and the Leica M.

Leica M262. 35 mm Summicron, ISO 800

The M262 produce slightly more noise than the Leica M240. But the noise looks more like film grain, which gives the M262, in my opinion, character. For me it seems that there they used a different sensor - but the Leica team told me it is the same sensor of the M240. They use a different software version, which I like a bit more than in the M240. The files of the M262 produce a but more noise, but in my opinion it looks more „natural“. 

Leica M262. 35 mm Summicron, ISO 3200 

I also compared the M262 files to my Leica Q files. I have to admit, that the Q files are much  crispier, produce less noise and show more details… This might have something to do that the sensor and the lens of the Leica Q is the perfect match up. 

Leica M262. 35 mm Summicron, ISO 1600

Would I recommend to buy the M262?
Yes. If you are looking for an experience to shoot with a rangefinder and don't feel the need for a liveview or video - go for it. But be sure that you are not a pixelpeeper and want clean files at ISO 3200 - you won't get this with the M262 or M240. There are other camera brands which do a much better job in handling noise. Of course you can fix this later in the computer.

The best camera is always the one who helps you to transform your vision. If you are looking for a camera with character I can highly recommend the M262. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.