Last August I wrote a review about the new Film Styles for Capture One.  Now, some months later, the Capture One Film Styles Extended Set is released. Alexander Svet, a Phase One Certified Professional and editor of asked me to write a new review about the set.

The new extended set contains 100 new film styles and 25 grain emulation styles. The new set includes new film styles like Kodak Gold and Royal Gold, Kodak Ektar, Agfa Vista, Rollei Retro, Kodak Max and UltraMax and new variants of existing film styles from the first set. 

The Film Styles Extended Set is compatible only with Capture One Pro 8 and not seen as an upgrade or replacement to the first set. 


The latest version of Capture One 8 was released in September 2014. As I mentioned in my Capture One Review in March 2013, C1 was and still is the best RAW Converter on the market - especially when it comes to render the Fujifilm x-files. 

With Capture One you will get a huge software package, with many options to personalize the GUI for you're editing and workflow needs. For me personally - it is still a bit to overloaded and sometimes to complex to use. That is why I still don't use it as my main film editing software. I use Lightroom and Capture One side by side! I guess I would swop to Capture One only if they would simplify a bit their GUI. But maybe I need to invest some more time and build my own set up for my personal workflow needs! 


The set up of the Style presets in Capture One was easy. The different styles are organized in B&W, Color and a new film grain presets folder which keeps everything simple and organized. 

The extended set is coming with new film presets including styles like Kodak Gold and Royal Gold, Kodak Ektar, Agfa Vista, Rollei Retro, Kodak Max and UltraMax. All styles come in different variants and this time the set includes Grain presets - which I like a lot. The 25 universal film grain styles are arranged by different ISO and film development specifics.  

What I absolutely like about the new preset set is, that you can combine the film styles and grain styles together and even stack different film styles from the Original and Extended Set or the preset set which comes with Capture One. 


Well, first of all I have to say that it is nearly impossible to show the same result of a digital image to a film image. Film still has a unique texture and character - and it always will have. But the film styles presets from or VSCO do a really good job.

For me, presets are always a starting point of my own vision - they help to get a first impression and support to get deeper in the editing process. But at the end of the day the photographer needs to feel that his images has the right look and feel.


I would  buy the extended set if I would like the film look of Kodak Gold and Royal Gold, Kodak Ektar, Agfa Vista, Rollei Retro, Kodak Max and UltraMax. I am much more a B&W person and prefer the classic color film look of Portra 160 and 400 or Polaroid simulations - the first version of the Capture One presets included this set of presets. But I really liked the B&W presets of the new extended set.

I loved as well the possibility to stack different styles and grain options. Thisgives you an endless possibility to find your own version which shows your personal vision or to experiment with crazy version of your image.

I think the team of presets did an excellent job! The price of 69,95 $ is good and I highly recommend downloading a free trial of 5 film presets and 2 grain styles of the extended set and play a bit around!