Leica Q: Black & White Settings

80% of my work is in B&W. Usually I do process my DNGs into B&W. The Leica Q just can shoot DNG & jpeg site by site. While I was in Rome I started to experiment a bit with the Monochrome settings of the Q. I was looking for a contrasty B&W look and found that the following settings work the best for me:

WB: Auto
Contrast: Medium High
Sharpness: Medium High

ISO: 100/200 (sunny weather)
       800 (indoor)
       3200 (night) 

With these settings I get a punchy black and white look. The jpeg outcome is very good and most of the time I don’t need any editing at all. From time to time I change a bit the shadows and increase the Black & Whites to give the image a bit more punch - but that depends on the picture. 

ISO 3200

After all I am very surprised with the outcome of the jpegs at ISO 3200! The images get a grainy look which gives the picture some character. Shooting at night with the Q is very much fun!

100% crop @ ISO 3200

I hope I could help you a bit with the Leica Q Black & White settings & editing. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me...