The story behind that picture

Since 2012 I am documenting life and street art in Shoreditch. For me Shoreditch is one of the most exciting areas of London with lots of contrasts.

Urban rough environment always inspires me and so it was, that one day my walk guided me to Princelet Street. Me and my friend walked down the road and I was intrigued by the beautiful architecture of the houses of this street. There was one building which immediately took my full attention. A building full of textures and beautiful color. That day we were in such hurry that I wasn't able to take a picture of that house. 

A couple of days later I came back and some cars parked in front of the building. Again, I wasn't able to take a picture of it. The next time a guy was sitting in the entrance, which made a nice street shot. He told me that this building was currently rented for a TV production and he recommended to come back a few days later. 

So I did! That day, again, I wasn't able to take a nice shot of the house, but I was able to take one of my favorite images of last year. This picture almost look like everything was set up - but it wasn't. It was one of those moments which needed to be freezed with my camera.

            A moment of peace |  Tales on Shoreditch  2014

            A moment of peace |  Tales on Shoreditch  2014

Beeing happy with the shot I took I came back to Princelet Street a couple of days later, and after all this time I was able to take a picture just of the house. Sometimes it takes a few time to get what you want and sometimes you'll get surprised by the beauty of the unexpected.