I shot it / Black & White Photo Competition

I am thrilled to announce that I have won a "Mark of Excellence" Award from the Black & White Photo competition by "I shot it & Leica"!

The story behind the picture. I've taken this photo with my Leica M8 during midday in Zurich. This scenery touched me right away, that I had to capture the moment. In time of modern technology and 24/7 availability I found that this couple took their time out the „old fashioned way“ . Hiding behind their newspaper, isolated in their own world and having a drink - so simple & peaceful without being distracted by modern technology gadgets. This is one of the few moments you observe in the streets of our time.

The judges comment. Isolated from each other and the world outside in a moment of time where they indulge in what is going on in the world. This photo is fun. Maybe for that reason, or maybe just for the simplicity of it. Many elements organized so they play together as a whole. We like it!

I feel so honored and humbled to be among so many great photographers and chosen by the judges of Thorsten Overgaard and Birgit Krippner